The Cloud

Escaping Darkness, Book 2

The Cloud

The sky turns black, as do the hearts of men, as the apocalyptic events of Escaping Darkness continue in Book 2…

A routine survey mission turns into the unthinkable as the Yellowstone Caldera finally breaks free of its earthen chains, releasing thousands of years of pent-up energy in an instant. As fire and ash consume all in their path, signs point to the disaster not being as natural as it first appears…

Barely escaping the disaster in a small plane that takes off from the Yellowstone airport, Mia finds her Texas A&M life turned upside down as the days of class and studying turn into a fight for the very air she needs to survive. While she tries to help her fellow survivors, her niece and nephew are being watched over by her parents on a small farm that quickly succumbs to the choking clouds of ash.

Both sides of the family must fight against man – and nature – in this unique take on the classic Yellowstone post-apocalyptic story. Written by ES Richards, this thrilling post-apocalyptic series features characters that are vulnerable, naive and inexperienced who work alongside the prepared and experienced to get through the end of days.


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8th January 2020