The Deception

Solar Crash, Book 5

The Deception

Reuniting with those who were lost is bittersweet as society begins to recover from the effects of the Solar Crash event.


When a CME that dwarfs the Carrington Event engulfs the world, Len – a businessman with next to zero survival training and experience – sets off to find his wife and child. Emerging out of the heart of Chicago, he will face dangers of all types and experience both the heights and depths of humanity. His survival depends solely on his ability to learn on the fly in this twisted new hellscape of a world.

Discover a fresh new take on the EMP/CME story. With characters that are learning how to survive as they go – and finding some unlikely teachers along the way – they represent the true “everyday person” who isn’t a hardcore prepper or survivalist, something unique and exciting in this genre.


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17th July 2019