The New Wave

The Generation Series, Book 3

The New Wave

In a world ruled by mutants, nothing is exactly as it seems. The safe haven is no different.

Life is nothing like Zahyra could have dreamed. It is nothing like she could have imagined. Having turned every corner to be reunited with her companions, she can’t even begin to predict what their future will hold. Or whether they even have a future together.

The repercussions of what the safe haven has done to her family – and what her family has done to the safe haven – are too stark and too obvious to ignore. And yet, even with the truth right in front of her eyes, Zahyra still doesn’t know which way to turn.

With a new journey forced upon her, Zahyra must travel to parts of the world she didn’t even know existed. She must come face to face with new people, new mutants, and she must decide whether she is able to trust again.

However, the decision might not always be hers to make and when the power is taken from her, Zahyra must face her greatest fear. After everything she has been through, is her history merely doomed to repeat itself?


Posted on

17th July 2019